“Beliefs, Body Language, Your Super Consciousness and The Neuro-Linguistic Patterns of David Icke”

Aren’t belief systems fascinating?! If you really listen to people you can discover some amazing things about the way their mind and perception of the Universe works.

The utterances or surface structure sentences we speak are in fact a literal description of our internal representations: What pictures and sounds we are creating in our mind. These Neuro-Linguistic Maps are what generate our subjective experience of reality.

So by listening to others carefully we can learn a lot about their unique ‘models of the world.’

Video interviews are a wonderful way to study Neuro-Linguistic patterns because you can reply the video. You’ll be amazed how much information is packed into just one minute of footage!

(Watch from 4:16 minutes to 5:09)

Note: David Icke uses the term ‘Mind’ which I believe is the same as Ego-Mind which can only attend to 40 Bits of Information per second. And ‘CONSCIOUSNESS‘ which I think you could call The Super Consciousness or Your Higher Self which can attend to about 40 Million Bits of Information per second!

Icke expresses a metaphor explaining our experience of birth and death as like, “going from the source to the sea.”

He says our Mind (Ego-Mind) can only see the next turn on the river. This is the part of the mind that analyses everything and often gets caught up in fear: The Left Brain.

Notice how he clearly points out a specific location in his aura (where our beliefs and memories are stored or anchored), as he says, “What is a terrible thing happening to Mind (Ego-Mind) here…”

“Is in fact an essential experience, to CONSCIOUSNESS, leading to great things up here.” (Pointing up his Timeline into the future)

“Although I experienced all the ridicule without realising why, I just knew (his higher self?) there was a reason for it but I didn’t know why.”

This is a really powerful belief at the logical level of ‘Spiritual Belief’ because it enables a person to re-frame or view painful experiences in such a way as to feel empowered by them instead of feeling victimised.

Icke is saying when he experienced huge amounts of ridicule in the 90’s he was able to go through the experience because he knew on some level (his intuition linked into his higher self?) that there was a very good reason for it somewhere down the line.

“Now I look back and I see why.”

So his higher self or parental guardian spirit could see the big picture and helped him through the bullshit at the unconscious level and then some years in the future he (his Ego-Mind) become aware of why it had been necessary.

By the way you can use NLP Timeline Techniques to view aspects of your life, you have found painful or confusing, from a big picture perspective which can then enable you to view them in a more resourceful way.

Hierarchy of Criteria

We value certain things over others. Most people value their LOVING relationship more than say a FRIENDSHIP.

A person may value HEALTH more than FREEDOM.

Some people value WEALTH over FUN.

So we have a hierarchy of values or criteria and these function unconsciously and have a powerful influence on our behaviour.

There is an interesting part of the interview with David, 6 minutes in, where he demonstrates how he is able to be so confident and outspoken with his views.

“My criteria for what I communicate is, ‘do I think it’s true?'”

“Have I passed that line where I know this is true?”

“There’s no, ‘O what will people think of me.'”

“Because of that (Notice his hand gestures showing where something ‘crosses the line’ and becomes true to him,) I don’t care.”

So when he knows something to be TRUE he doesn’t CARE what other people think of him.

Expressing what he believes to be the TRUTH is high up on his list of criteria and this drives his behaviour.

You can discover some amazing insights into how people’s minds work by listening and watching closely. And you can become aware of how your own beliefs and thoughts are located in space and what affect this has on you.

So if you were to begin thinking about this now, how could you use this information?

An idea that came to mind to me from watching the interview was to think about a new project or decision you need to make and then move that image into the location of where you represent your higher self. This can help you access different parts of the mind and gain creative insight.

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