How To Attract Good Luck Into Your Life

how-to-attract-good-luck-into-your-lifeWhat do a rabbit’s foot, a four-leaf clover and an upwards facing horseshoe have in common?  If you said they are all symbols that people consider lucky, then you would be correct.  There are many symbols, sayings and traditions that people from around the world use as ways to attract good luck.  Whether they work or not is debatable, but you, along with many others, may want to know how to attract good luck into your life.

The Law of Attraction

Many people believe that if you believe something will happen, then it will come to fruition.  The idea behind the Law of Attraction is that like attracts like, so if you have positive thoughts, positive things will happen and, conversely, if you have negative thoughts, bad things will happen.  In a way, this concept works well with the saying that, “you make your own luck.”

People who stick to the idea that “you make your own luck” are talking about being assertive, trying new ways to do things, setting goals and working hard to achieve.  However, having a positive thought process is necessary to do many of those things, which is a principal of the Law or Attraction.  A positive thought process, or positive energy, is a way to attract good things into your life.

Ways to Attract Luck

While it may seem that some people are lucky, there are ways you can be lucky as well.  Try these tips for bringing good luck into your life:

Practice Positive Thinking

Not only may it bring you luck, but it can relieve stress and help you live longer.  That’s lucky, right?

Try Visualisation

This technique is done by seeing and believing something happen that you want to have happen. Visual a new job or your new car.

Use Feng Shui

Decorating your room with Feng Shui can help increase the flow of positive energy, which can help bring you luck.

Pray for Luck

Many people pray to a higher power and ask for something lucky to happen to them.  Maybe it is about getting that new car, new job or better health.

Try increasing your luck by thinking positively because if you believe good things never happen to you, then they probably never will.  The law of attraction works both ways, either you attract good things and are lucky or you attract bad things to yourself.

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