7 Essential Soul Meditations: Feel Happy & Stress Free Every Day of the Week



The demands and stresses of daily life effect our health and well-being. One of the best ways, that has been used for thousands of years, and is becoming increasingly popular is correct meditation practice. We’re not talking about just zoning out, we’re talking about proven meditation methods that de-stress you quickly and get your heart centre (Soul) in balance.

1. Basic Breathing Meditation

One of the most fundamental elements of effective meditation is the breathing patterns. Find yourself comfortable, close your eyes and simply notice your breath going in and out of your nostrils. Do this for several minutes.

2. White Light In / Black Smoke Out

With your eyes closed, sitting comfortably, imagine breathing in pure white light. Pause. And then imagine black smoking (stress) leaving your body on the out breath. Do several rounds of this and notice yourself relaxing more.

3. Heart Breathing

Begin with basic breathing meditation. After a while when you are more relaxed simply begin to focus on your heart centre. Imagine breathing air in and out through this chakra. Pause on the inhale and experience the energy at your heart.

4. Body Of Light / Rainbow Body 



Many people experience aches and pains in the ‘flesh and bones’ body. It has been said for thousands of years by spiritual masters that our real body is a body of light. Imagine that your body dissolves from the top of your head while your body from the tip of your toes upwards dissolves. Now visualise your body of light. Pure white light. Or what is your experience if you imagine a rainbow body of light emitting it’s colourful rays 360 degrees.

5. Tonglen

This is a very powerful meditation practice that originates from Tibetan Buddhism. It means ‘Taking and Giving.’ It’s a profound practice for developing love and compassion.

1) TAKING: Begin by representing whatever you feel is negative as black smoke. Simply imagine, sense or pretend that there is a cloud of black smoke in front of you. Begin to inhale this cloud of black smoke through your nostrils. Imagine the smoke entering into your body and settling at the area of your heart chakra. Pause your breath there for a moment as you allow that energy to destroy ‘the demon of demons’ – your ‘self cherishing demon’ or ego!

2) GIVING: Now slowly and gently exhale pure white wisdom light through your mouth. You could if you wish imagine beautiful rays of white light and nectars radiating from your body. You are giving away all that is pure, coming from deep within your infinite potential: Your Indestructible Buddha Nature! As you exhale imagine the white wisdom light is blessing every living being, bestowing peace and happiness!

3) REJOICING: As you’re exhaling allow yourself to feel joy at practising giving peace and happiness to others. Pause for a moment at the end of the breath and indulge in it!

REPEAT: You now simply go back and start the taking & giving cycle again.

6. Deep Trance Identification (DTI)

The term DTI, comes from the world of Hypnosis. It’s a way of stepping into someone else’s shoes in a really profound way so that you can get an experience of their reality and learn new things. Close your eyes and allow yourself to become more relaxed. Dissolve your body into emptiness. Now think about a role model of whom you would love to experience their world. See them in front of you. And then imagine stepping into their body. You are now them. What is like to see from their eyes, hear from their ears and feel and think their thoughts? What useful new insights can you learn from this perspective?



7. The Space Between Close your eyes and relax more now. Begin by noticing the space between and behind your eyes. Now notice the space behind and between your ears. Now notice the space behind and between your shoulder blades. Now notice the space behind and between your knees. Now notice the space behind and between your ankles. Now go back to the space behind and between your eyes and settle your attention their for a few minutes.

Make it a habit to practice one or more of these soul meditations for 10, 15 or 20 minutes daily because you will notice an increase in health, energy, clarity and calmness.

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7 Essential Soul Meditations: Feel Happy & Stress Free Every Day of the Week

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